123Racing Pickn Wagers - Handicapping contest style wagers

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Put thousands of eyes and wallets on your racecard.
Appeal to young and newcomer handicappers and drive incremental revenue from existing customers.

Bettors don't have to hit every race!  Score points across the races to win the highest payoff.  Compete against the nation.  it's  like Fantasy Football - for racing...

  • Available at no additional cost.
  • Centrally guaranteed and marketed pools.
  • Commitment free.  Hassle free.

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The Ultimate Handicapping Contests

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Cross-promote the 123racing Pick6 or simply promote your racing to thousands of handicappers across America.

  • Customized, Branded and Fully-managed Contests
  • PC & Mobile specific websites
  • Engage your fans in the community

Elimination and non-elimination Challenges.
Design/Create your own contest rules.
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Leaderboards and Prizes.
Most Winners' side Challenges.

Hassle free!  Let us do the work!

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